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Online affiliate marketing is a great way to make some extra money without ever having to leave your home. But your success depends a lot on whether you choose good affiliate programs to work with.

If you don't have a lot of experience yet with affiliate programs, read our articles What to look for in a good affiliate program? and What is the best affiliate program? first. They will give you a lot of information about how to look at affiliate programs and what you should do to make money with them.

If you're already familiar with affiliate marketing and are looking to find a good affiliate program for your site, check out our affiliate program review directory. There you can read reviews of affiliate programs in many different niches.

Are you quickly looking for a good affiliate program to promote? With the following three programs you really can't go wrong. They are among the best affiliate programs with great conversions, high commissions, a large amount of promotional material and excellent support. Each one of them has made me a lot of money.

SiteSell SBI (online business development)

SBI (or SiteBuildIt!, as it used to be called) is an all-in-one suite for building an online business. With the stress on ALL. SBI covers everything from educational materials to get you to understand the principles of making money with your SiteSell SBI Good Affiliate Programwebsite to the tools for building it, hosting it, optimizing it and promoting it. If you're just getting started with your online business, SBI is probably the best investment you can make. But many more experienced website owners have also profited from it to turn their websites into money makers.

SBI's affiliate program is one of the greatest in the market. They offer you excellent commissions, an outstanding conversion rate and reliable tracking and payment. But one of the greatest things about their program is that they actually teach you how to be a profitable affiliate. For free. You get access to tons of marketing materials, step-by-step instructions and special landing pages to promote their product. This is one affiliate program that really understands that they profit most by helping you to make money. Even if you don't plan on promoting them, it's worth checking out their site.

AWE - Adult Webmaster Empire (porn)

Let's face it, sex sells! And porn has been a very lucrative business on for as long as the internet exists. Today in the era of free online porn and tube sites, having an adult entertainment website that people are actually willing to pay for is becoming more and more difficult. The Adult Webmaster Empire (or AWE in short) is the affiliate program for the largest sex cam sites, including Because of the interactive nature of sex cams, these sites continue to generate Adult Webmaster Empire Good Affiliate Programmoney, despite all the free material available on the web.

AWE offers an excellent and reliable affiliate program that has been around for a long time. They have tons of sophisticated promotional materials, that you can even use to build your own porn site with very little effort. The best deal is to sign-up for a lifetime revenue share deal. That way you get paid for anything your customer buys from AWE for the rest of their life. Since the key to being a good porn affiliate are return customers, this is very profitable. The affiliate program is invite-only, but you can get an invitation using this link.

SellHealth (sexual health and anti-aging)

If there is one thing people are really concerned about, it is their health and how they look. It is hardly surprising that the online market for health-related products is a multi-billion dollar industry. SellHealth is one of the biggest online sellers of sexual health and anti-aging products (think skin cream, erection pills, penis enlargement, etc.). They have been online since 2002 and have built up a reputation as a reliable and highly profitable affiliate program.

SellHealth Good Affiliate Program

SellHealh's affiliate program offers commissions of up to 40% on the lifetime purchases by customers you refer. This is a great thing for you as an affiliate. Most satisfied buyers of health-related products will keep buying the same product each month. After all, these products do not 'cure' some ailment, but require continued use to look better, feel stronger or perform better in bed. So once you recruit a new customer, you can count on a reliable income stream for years to come. Conversion rates are also consistently high. Click here to sign up

Looking for more good affiliate programs?

The affiliate programs mentioned above are among the top most profitable affiliate programs on the entire internet. But choosing the right affiliate program for your site is not just about the quality of the program. It is also about how well the program fits into your website and online marketing techniques. Read our article about finding the best affiliate program for your situation to learn how to maximize the benefits you get from a good affiliate program.

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